Kayak Sail Day

Got a call from Steve that he was taking his kayak sail rig out for a spin. Lenora was coming along for the ride and invited a few others, so we ended up with a small crowd. Joining us were John, Fred, Gordon, Kathi and Vincent.


I have been paddling only my surfski for about a month, so I was happy to be poking my nose into the the usual nooks and crannies. The wind wasn't very obliging for Steve's sail rig, but he was still happy to be on the water. Along the way to BAR, Lenora made her first pass through Little Arch Rock. Soon, Lenora and I were taking turns shooting Chute Rock. John took most of the group down to the cottages to attemp a surf landing, leaving Steve, Lenora and I to play around the rocks.

I decided to go play a bit in the arch, but Steve beat me over there and paddled his slooop on through! I like to think this was the first sail boat to ever ply the waters of BAR and snapped a few photos. The swell was rather mild, but once while I was hanging out, the BARcuzzis spun me around almost locking me sideways in the arch right befor a wave! I got turned around in time to see Steve coming on through in front of a small wave.

Steve and I headed home ahead of the rest, but we all met up at the Fireside where we heard all about the successful surf landing. It was nice to be back in a kayak plying the local water.


Mark Sanders